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Resolved! Kids mobile data

Hi - I would like to set limits for my kids accessing mobile data. At the moment I can set timers on their WiFi usage but they then just switch to mobile data. The only way I can do it is to go into my account, select their number and then put a mobi...

3G turn off

Hi people,what happens when 3G gets turned off as most of the places I am I can only get a 3G signal?I struggle with barely 1bar 4g so it’s mostly on 3/4 bars 3G.Will I just have no signal and have to change networks? Or is there going to be a big bo...

mrabsent by 3: Seeker
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Failed credit check

Why did I fail a credit check for a new Contract when I have had an account with talkmobile (subsiduary) for 2 years?No credit issues and only company to ever refuse credit - can I actually speak to someone about this?

wayne_c by 2: Seeker
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Company website Blocked on Vodafone

Dear Sir, my company website, has been blocked by Vodafone.  Even the mail server of the domaine also being blocked and direct me to a page of warning for adult content.  It is a general company website showing electronic prod...

Resolved! How do I make a customer service call?

Be Sincere. This tip is first on the list because it is probably the most important concept to implement. Speak in a Positive Tone. You always want to make your voice sound upbeat and enthusiastic. Clarify Customer Concerns. Speak Clearly. Communicat...

Trade in

Has anyone used trade in successfully? I traded in for bank transfer and got the acceptance message when phone checked but never received any money. Vodafone say it’s been accepted processed and sent at their end but I’ve still not had a bank transfe...

xjadeyox by 2: Seeker
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Does anyone have a discount for Vodafone?

Hello all hope you’re well, I was wondering if anyone had a discount for Vodafone? Someone in the family has a Blue Light card which should give 15% off (I also get 50% off on a major network provider and am currently getting 35% off with the provide...

jinha by 2: Seeker
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