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Buying a cell phone with points

Good morning, I'm a vodafone customer and I have 2000 points to buy a mobile phone and enjoy saving some money.My doubt as they told me, I don't understand much of this, they said that if the ROM of the cell phones ends in EUVF, it means that the cel...

perry5 by 2: Seeker
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Outrageous Customer Service

I am writing to complain in the strongest possible terms for the total lack of Customer service and what appears to be deliberate obstacles and confusion around how your treat your Customers. I have been a Vodafone Customer for over 20 years and tele...

Peteclem by 3: Seeker
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The Terms & Conditions say "the Charity must complete the online application by 1 November 2022".Does this need updating, or has the application deadline now passed?

Whitelist Domain from Vodafone Age Restrictions

Hello Vodafone Community My domain is unreasonably age restricted. I became the owner a couple of weeks ago, probably the domain was restricted before I purchased it. Now it is my personal website with my resume. Could you please unrestrict it?The do...

Switching to Vodafone mobile

I’m doing some research on various mobile networks comparing peoples experiences with switching to Vodafone mobile from another network (set up, transfer of number etc). Feel free to share your thoughts on how that process was for ...

hewire44 by 2: Seeker
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Network provider letter

Hi. Recently my mobile was theft. My insurance company want my  letter from the network provider they send me this msg on my email  ( letter from your Network Provider confirming the first and last)