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Job Application

I have recently applied for a job at Vodafone.  I went to log in to track my application and it will not let me login with the details that I was sent by yourselves, which I received over the weekend.  Please can you give me some advice regarding thi...

Claim huawei watch

Hi, I need help how to get proof of purchase? I already filled this link and got PoP to email, but where is invoice number? 

Reinis by 2: Seeker
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Game subscription scams

How is this allowed to happen with GDPR.I've been charged £12 a month for a couple of months now, just because someone sent me a text or I clicked a link somewhere. Not exactly what I would deem suitable terms for entering into a contract. Why is it ...

Hold music

What’s the current hold music (Aug/Sep)  - there is a song in it by a female artist I really want but can’t find it anywhere? Thanks I’m advance


Why do your sites not have section for positive feedback even though there a section for complaints. I have just been to the Hempstead Vally shop in Medway and as a person who is technically ignorant I was surprised at the patience the staff member Z...

Netty123 by 2: Seeker
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My Vodafone does not work for Onecom customers

I was moved to Onecom last year and the MyVodafone app was working as usual. I upgraded in April with OneCom and it still worked ok. About 3 months ago it stopped working fo no reason. I have spoken to Onecom and it is a Vodafone issue where they can...

very me reward

why are very me rewards allowed  to be traded on websites deneying some customers the chance of using them.   [Removed] [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove advertising content please see Community Guidelines]

Big thank you

Thank you to James [Removed] (UK  May 3, 2019 @ 8pm call), .......thank you to Cairo Egypt team (May 25, June 1, and Sept 1, 2019 calls)   namely Nadine [Removed], Ahmed [Removed], Aninah, Shalini,  Mohamad [Removed]  and Ms Nihal .....who are very s...

mdgdodt by 2: Seeker
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Which accessories have you chosen for your Note 10 ?

Hi everyone. What accessories do you have your eye on to compliment your nice new shiny Samsung Note 10 ? Personally I'm a creature of habit when adding accessories for my phones. So from Samsung I buy the Protective Standing Cover in Black although ...

Need to unlock my Vodafone Careers account!

Hi, m My Vodafone Online Careers account is locked because of several failed attempts. I don't remember my password, and when I click on the "I don't remember my password" option I get a warning saying I should contact the service provider and I have...