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£100 Amazon reward voucher not received after joining Vodaphone Broadband

2: Seeker

OK, Hi to everyone, my first post.


Where shall I start. I have a dual 18 month contract for myself and my wife's phones. I got an offer to swap to Superfast Broadband and get a £100 voucher from one of a selection of associated retailers to Vodaphone. Sounded like a great deal so I chose to swap away from TalkTalk as their customer service was impossible to get hold of. I chose a £100 Amazon voucher and received a confirmation message informing me that after 3 months a voucher would be sent out to me after the validity period had been confirmed. Six months down the line and I've still not received my voucher.

I wanted to buy an expensive item off Amazon so this re-jogged my memory and I started to chase this up.  Eventually I was supplied with an Email to uk-vodaphonevouchers*awin.c@m to complain and ask for follow-up. (Note: the * and @ are substituted for '@' and 'com' to allow the address to be submitted)

Guess what.....I got a reply telling me the domain is not valid....great, and thought I had finally made the progress I needed. I Phoned again and they all say the same namely, 'thats the Email we have been given and should be used to complain'. I've now spent almost two hours on the phone to various Vodaphone departments and I feel like I'm bashing my head against a wall. I also hope 0808 numbers aren't premium or this will be costing me a fortune. Apparently it's via a third party company called WeGift, but the obviously don't!


Can anyone help with resolving this problem???



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Monkfish457 


There are plenty of third party and affiliate sites who offer incentives in return for signing up to a provider but it is important to remember the offer was made by the third party and advertised on the third party site. Vodafone couldn't be liable for honouring an offer they had not advertised and made.   


You will need to go back to the point of sale for this one and contact the third party direct, they were responsible for promising the Amazon gift voucher.  Presumably, the third party or gift card company will have terms and conditions and expiry date for the offer.



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2: Seeker

Hi Anns,


Thanks for your reply. The original offer was from I found a link to their 'friendly customer care team' and have sent an Email requesting an explanation. Third party or not Vodaphone's details and logos are all over the Email I received so this still falls on Vodaphone as a joint party or WeGift are breaching Vodaphones copyright and trademark use. I don't expect a reply but fingers crossed. 

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Hey @Monkfish457, I'm sorry to hear you've not received your Amazon voucher. Have the WeGift team got back to you?

@AnnS is correct, this isn't an offer that we've run ourselves and looks to be through a third party. Please continue to keep me updated and let me know how you get on. 

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2: Seeker

Hi Stu,

Did you get a good result in the end? I'm in the same position. Been with Vodafone 4 months and no voucher received!  Vodaphone customer services told to me email uk-vodafonevouchers 'at' awin 'dot' com

who initially replied fairy quickly, asking to confirm my email address matched what I used on the registration form. I quoted all the references numbers too. I've heard nothing back since. I've emailed 4 times over the past few weeks. Nothing back. 
Vodafone - clearly this is some kind of scam. I not out of pocket but still feel cheated into signing up to Vodafone with false promises. Future customers be warned. I found this forum post easily via a Google search so hopefully others may find this too. 
If by some chance I get the voucher (or an account credit)  I'll come back and update this post. 


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2: Seeker


I've recieved multiple replies. Kept telling me to check my junk email folder but never any replies. Even tried an alternative work Email address which is unique and still nothing. As far as I'm converned it's a con to get you to join Vodaphone. 6 months left them I'm leaving, their loss!



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