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2.4 Ghz devices not connecting, can someone please help? As support has been appalling from Vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

About 3.5 weeks ago whilst away from my home, my router has stopped connecting to the 2.4 Ghz devices.  This is a particular issue with my ring door bell (including the Chime), the door bell is no further than 6-7ft away from the router albeit the other side of a wall.  The other devices are my kindle fire tablet which also dont support the 5Ghz signal.  I do get a weak signal if i am within 3-4 ft of the router.  Can anyone offer a solution?


I have been calling Vodafone every third day and the ritual is the same.  Reset router, Split or unsplit the signal, i now have a static IP address, wifi doctor is then run for 24hours .  After 24 hours i still non the wiser and call in again to go through it all over again.  Im sure i have a problem with the router but i cant understand why they wont send me a new one?  They say from there end it looks working fine.  Does any one have any ideas on how to resolve


11: Established
11: Established

Follow this other Vodafone forum thread to change the channel it's broadcasting on, I have put details on what you need to sort it. You will need an Android device to solve it and use an old version of the Vodafone Broadband app. This is because Vodafone took out the settings in both the router and newer Vodafone Broadband apps.


What has happened is the router has had a firmware update and rebooted itself and is broadcasting on a channel your devices can't pick up. On 2.4Ghz there are only 13 channels, but if it is set to channels 12 or 13 some devices can't pick up the frequency.



Thanks for that, but i have had Vodafone change the channel as the option has been removed from us changing it.

Not if you use an older version of the Vodafone Broadband app the option is still there.


Which will save people from having to ring Vodafone up.

Hey @suksanger I understand how important it is to stay connected. Was your Ring device working okay previously? 

It sounds like you've already gone through a few checks with us other over the phone and this hasn't fixed things. It may be that it is a router issue. We can run some further checks to see if anything flags up. 
Please come and speak to us over Social Media so we can look into it further 👍 

I have spent hours with tier 1 staff in same issue   No SSID on 2.4 band.  I am seriously thinking about cancelling contract. Nobody has a clue. Worst service ever 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If you run an app such as WiFi Analyser (there may be newer/better similar apps) on your phone, you can check if the router is even broadcasting on the 2.4GHz band.  If not it's a faulty router and the only answer is a replacement!


*There does seem to have been an uptick in faulty 2.4GHz router radios!

Thank you for reply.  I have checked that and, as you say, say no signal,

I am very frustrated as tier 1 staff treated me like an idiot.  Hell - I have been configuring modems and routers since before most of these guys parents were born - right back in dial up days on JANET which predated the Internet as we know it!


Have you tried a reset?

We will check the line.

Your devices must be faulty.


Best one - one idiot stated we no longer use 2.4 GHZ on routers - what a lying ******.


What is interesting is the radio itself does actually work as you can see other 2.4 services in the advanced mode settings.  It is the broadcasting that is not working!


I have seen theories re. channel 13 but my devices will see channel 13 (tested it on another router).  Channels 12/13 are US standard.  UK standard is only supposed to go to 11 (and you should only use 1, 6 or 11).


At the moment, I have a wifi access point connected to ethernet port which works but bit slow for 2.4 ghz.  Best speed I get is 30 mbps (limited by wifi access point).  


TBH I am thinking of buying a vsdl router and ditching these pathetic emasculated Vodafone routers.








16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

.@56Lad JANET over 300bps, I've gone all misty eyed.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Yup, I remember having to replace the trimfone, because the cups on the acoustic modem wouldn't work with it!