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Other broadband queries

For 8 months broadband issues

2: Seeker

For 8 months that i switch to vodafone i have 3 issues with broadband , more that 10 times contacted support (1.internet speed 2.dropping internet for +-5 hours almost every day loss) around 5 engineer visits . ok last month they fixed my internet speed . but i still have 2 issues , everytime when im contacting support same 3 day investigation and they dont gonna find nothing , will se me an engineer he will restart my line and after 2 weeks again i will need to contact again support with same problem .
Today i just was thinking to leave vodafone.... disapointed( 

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17: Community Champion

I'm sorry to learn you are having continuing issues with your Broadband.

Something certainly appears wrong from what you write @Fawly 

Perhaps raise a complaint via Here and they'll be able to go through your issues and if you still want to leave then provide details of how you can leave and any applicable Early Termination Fee.

I wish you all the best with this. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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2: Seeker

 today i was waiting from 7AM to contact broadband team to do something with my ping , i have an CS:GO Russian RMR Tournament qualifiers . At the moment my ping is 3x higer that must be . Biggest problem is that for 8 months already nothing changed . more than once a week i have to contact support , and im not gonna say about the other problem . i was asking support for an engineer visit that i will pay for 2 months . 3 people from support just scamed me that they booked one , today my internet was working like for half hour then 3 hours i was without internet ... im just thinking to open a case why i must pay fee and bill if ur broadband is not working 

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Hey @Fawly 

Sorry to hear about your ongoing Broadband issues!

Have you dropped us a message over on Social?

We can have a look into your account to find out what's been done so far, and help you with any billing queries you may have 🙂

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4: Newbie

Hey @Fawly 

Sorry to hear about your ongoing Broadband issues!

Have you dropped Vodafone a message over on Social?

because if you have then you have wasted your time. 

They probably cant have a look into your account to find out what's been done so far, and they probably wont help you with any billing queries you should have. You should have just phone up instead , so once again sorry for wasting your time and if you have any other issues then try EE broadband customer services help as they wont be able to access your Vodafone account either but I'm sure they might point you in the right direction . btw have a nice day 


Might as well write that on every thread as the first answer because every thread ends up the same way , DONT USE FORUM SOCAL MEDIA CHAT because it take 10 min just to get through security ,just to be told please ring our technical department ( you should have phoned up instead ) 

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16: Advanced member

I would definitely NOT recommend taking up @GemmaP offer. You only need to look around the forum to see what a waste of time the social team is 


For your best port of call is to phone up and tell them you want to complain and escalate the complaint to the escalations department. Someone will call you back the day after with a brain from the complaints department and will take over trying to sort your broadband issues out,  If the complaint is not sorted in 8 weeks, ask for a deadlock letter and take your complaint to cisas

CISAS is managed independently by The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), an Alternative Dispute Resolution Provider, approved by Ofcom, to resolve disputes related to Vodafone. The service is free of charge to customers

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