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Other broadband queries

How to disconnect broadband now?

2: Seeker

I’ve sold my home and have moved out. Unfortunately there was only a 1 week period between exchange of contracts and moving out - due to the stamp duty rush by end-June, so I couldn’t request it any earlier - all very last minute.

I asked vodafone to cut off the line/broadband by tomorrow (25 June) but they’ve refused and say it has to remain connected for 30 days from when I gave them notice. I am well out of the contract period. This seems ridiculous. I don’t mind paying for that 30 day period but the new owner needs to connect the phone line so he can work from home.

Does anyone know if there’s any way around this?

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I'm sorry to hear this @patrick0. Unfortunately we aren't able to work around this timeframe. It's also mentioned in our T's & C's that "If you’re outside of the first 14 days following your service activation date and your minimum period has elapsed, you can cancel at any time but you’ll still need to give us 30 days’ notice."

If you'd like to discuss the account further, we'd recommend that you reach out to our dedicated cancellations team by calling 0333 304 0191 from a UK mobile or landline.



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16: Advanced member

if the new owner is going to sign up to Vodafone then the answer is yes 

tell the new owner to ring up and order a new phone line and broadband on an additional line

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