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No broadband available at broadband

2: Seeker



I'm trying to get broadband at my address, and I inputted my postcode to check availability last week. Broadband was available. But when I re-checked this week with a view of purchasing broadband, this message appeared: 


But I also find it strange that when I select a different flat in the same building, it is perfectly capable of receiving broadband. So can somebody please explain to me why suddenly I am unable to receive broadband when 1 week before I was capable of doing so?


Thank you in advance.

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13: Advanced Member

You will probably need to speak to a sales advisor.  Purpose-built flats it's often just the case of getting OpenReach to change a single flag in their database.  Properties converted into flats can be more problematic and may require a survey along with permission from the property owner (hence nothing is automatic).

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2: Seeker

Did you manage to solve this? I'm having the same problem.

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