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Pay as you go

5 Times data offer

2: Seeker


I'm new customer and purchased pay as you go SIM and activate the Big Value Bundle (10). After 2 days, I still not get the extra data as offer 5 times data in winter.

I contacted support on website and also text "FIVETIMESDATA" to 49500. And still not get anything after 24hrs.

My account still have only 3GB and nothing else.

Can anyone let me know how to get 5x data? 

Thank you!

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Hi @huynhminhvu, how strange! When you're texting FIVETIMESDATA to 49500, are you getting any confirmation back by text message? Also, have you signed up for the My Vodafone online account yet? 

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2: Seeker

There was no response when texting the message.

I also did create the online account.

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3: Seeker

When I send FIVETIMESDATA to 49500 I get "Unfortunately this offer is no longer available"


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17: Community Champion

Yes @Wiggy13 


The promotional 5 X data was on promotion from 16th November to the evening of 15th January,  if you purchased and opted in before the closing date you should still be entitled to the promotional extra data.


Speak to the Social Team through Twitter/Facebook here: Contact Us 

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