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Pay as you go

Any chance on getting back a deactivated number??

2: Seeker

Hi, I know there are a lot of posts like this but I'm hoping someone can help.

A while ago, probably just over a year or so, due to circumstances my number, which was on my parent's vodafone contract was moved over to pay as you go, and I intended to keep the number active, I kept it in a phone but it seems to be disconnected now. I have the sim card still, and have tried calling the number and it is still disconnected.


I've realised that there are a lot of things to which this number is still connected, so is there a way of getting the number reactivated?


Thank you in advance

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17: Community Champion

Hi @fx141h2ku 


The problem you are going to have is with it being a year plus since the SIM was last used, if the number was important to you, it would have been essential to keep the SIM active.


With there not being an infinite number of mobile telephone numbers and being an Ofcom ruling that all PAYG mobile numbers have to be in use, the SIM would have been disconnected from the network and sent for recycling and reuse after 270 days of non use and this is detailed in the T & C's.


If it had only been a few months there might have been a chance but there is no harm trying and asking.  Follow this link: Contact Us 

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it was my intention, I've had sim cards on tickover before, but this one got away from me.


It's worth a try, it would save me a lot of headache. I have messaged on messenger just waiting for a response from them.


Thanks again

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