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Pay as you go

Call Abroad- how to stop pre-recorded message?

2: Seeker

Hey guys, I just have a problem about call abroad. I am on a PAYG plan, and every time when I call abroad, there is always annoying message " Just let you know the number you dialed is not included in your plan, please check our websites for rates, etc.."

This has been really, really annoying, and I just wish to turn it off. Of course I am well aware of the rate, and don't need to be reminded every time when I call abroad.


Can any one advise me how to turn it off?


Many thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jamesielts 


As you mention it's a pre recorded automated message, you may be aware of the charges but there are plenty of other customers who would be unaware of the extra charges.


If the country is included in Vodafone International it would be worth opting in, the call would then be included and you would not receive the automated messages.  See here: Calling abroad from the UK 


Oh dear @jamesielts  I was rather hoping having opted into Vodafone International, it would stop the prerecorded messages, quite pointless when you have the extra service and know the charges.

Just to make absolutely sure I would ask the Social Team this question with a link to the thread from here: Social Team 

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2: Seeker



Thanks for reply. I have checked the web page you have mentioned. 

Do you mean that 'Extra 50 International Minutes' for GBP5 or just the 'Vodafone International', where I can use lower rates?

Coz I have already opted in the 'Vodafone International' for lower rates, and it seems like I am still getting the pre-recorded message.

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