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Pay as you go

Incompleted card payment, $$ deducted from my account

3: Seeker

I just made a online card payment, result incompleted.

However, my revolut account shows it has been deducted.


How come??


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Hi @eddielkk! We're unable to access accounts over the forum as it's a public platform. Please check your online banking to see if the money is showing as pending or complete. If the money is showing as pending, you should get it back within the next 7 working days, however you might need to call the bank to confirm this as each bank as an individual policy regarding pending payments.


If this is complete and you've not received the service, please pop our Social Media team a message here and they'll be able to access your account and get it sorted for you 🙂

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3: Seeker

Hi Beth,


Thanks for reminding me to check the transaction status.

It's showing Pending.

I have to be more patient to see what the status will be.

Thank you very much.

: )

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