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Pay as you go

Online topup transaction failed but debited my bank

2: Seeker



I bought 2pcs PAYG sim for 2 backup phones. Tried to topup via online and only one number successfully managed to topup but the other one returned failed transaction. I have tried a couple of times (2x) with same failed transaction message. I checked my bank and surprised multiple transactions. I'd like to have these transactions cancelled and returned. Please advise.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @bdormido 


If these are new SIM's most probably the top up for the failed SIM was simply held in a queue and the top up will be applied later.  The problem is going to be having more top up credit than is needed.


At the moment it is top up is held in your account as a pending transaction, if Vodafone don't claim the money it will be returned to your full balance.


Customer Services/live chat will be able to help with this, you can speak directly to the Social Team here: Contact Us 

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