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VOXI number porting issue

2: Seeker

Hi :Smiling:

I've recently switched from O2 to VOXI on Jan 11th, and to this day my number is still not being ported.

I contacted the voxi customer service many times, and I was told it was taking a bit longer because they did not receive all the information from my old provider. I then called o2 to check if from their part there were issues, and they assured me they sent everything they were supposed to send.

When I contact the voxi chat once again yesterday, they told me to call the port number and check with them.

The lady on the phone then told me it was gonna take some time, but it will be eventually resolved.


It's been now 4 days since I requested the port, and I've been without a phone number for all this time and probably will be for another few days.


Does anyone know if there is anything I can do, or how long this would take more or less?



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Hi @antearusso, is your number still working with your previous provider? If you send our VOXI team a message on Facebook or Twitter, they will be able to take a look at where we are up to with the port in and what the next steps are. You can find the social media details here, just remember to include your community username please 🙂

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