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Blacklisting IMEI

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same problem as most people. Bought my phone from carephone warehouse but using vodaphone as a contract. Lost my phone and Vodafone say they can’t black list my phone! Everyone I have spoken to says only network providers can blacklist! This has gone in for 3 weeks now having to call Vodafone everyday I’ve rthe festive period when I should be spending time with my family! 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Have they at least blocked your sim card to stop unauthorised usage @Jolie92

If so they'll send you a replacement sim and you'll then probably need to call them again to lift the block. 

You can apply some blocks in your myvodafone too. 

In regards to blocking the phone most phones will now not accept another sim card due to activation locks etc in place and most have the option to log into findmyiphone or findmysamsung or findmyandroid for the owner to block and wipe them that way as well as tracking them if they are turned On. 

I apprecaite this does not help when an insurance company wants proof of blacklisting for a claim. 

Long and short is that it is the network that applies the imei lock. 

Id suggest to use vodafone-uk/complaints.

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Moderator (Retired)

@Jolie92 We'll be more than happy to help with your account :Smiling:
I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch with our dedicated team.

Hi John can a member of the team also contact me please. My device was lost over a month ago I have complied with all of the demands from my insurance company but they will not take my claim further without proof of blacklisting of the handset (including the IMEI). As other customers have stated this is very frustrating and I have contacted Vodafone several times regarding the matter. Please get back to me.



@claire_sheehan - I’m sorry that you’re facing issues with receiving proof of blacklisting.

We can help. Please pop your details over to us, by following the steps in this this private message.



I have the same issue. Been told several times that it's not possible, yet I have seen numerous posts and proof that Vodafone is the only entity that can help with this.


Please let me know how I should proceed.


Thank you.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

We'll be happy to help with your blacklist request @adinagoerres.

So we can do this, I've sent you a private message with details to contact our team directly. We'll then be in touch.



 I am having the same issue myself, been trying to get the IMEI blacklisted for over a month now. Each time I have called up, online chat & emailed I have been told it has been resolved. When I then tell the insurance company this has been completed, they advise it is not showing as complete on the system.


Due to purchasing the phone through Carphone warehouse, Vodafone say they are unable to assist because they don’t have the IMEI logged on their system.


Anyone know how I can go about getting this sorted and get back to having a mobile again?



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Moderator (Retired)

@SamHartnett We'd be happy to have a closer look into this for you and I apologise for the trouble you've had trying to Blacklist your IMEI. 

I've just sent you a private message with details to contact our team directly. 

Would you be able to help me as well? 


I've got the same issue as everyone - Bought phone through Carephone Warehouse and they are unable to process my claim without my EMEI being blacklisted. 


Thanks in advance,