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Data Fair use Limit

4: Newbie

Evening All


Can anyone from the Vodafone team quickly confirm the fair use amount for data if you are on Unlimited Max.


I can't see an actual figure anywhere apart from being for personal use and not going over the excessive use amount but can't see.

I did see a while ago on ISPReview someone said it was something silly like 3TB or 8TB so wanted to find out.


Three UK don't have a limit as I used 1.1TB last month and was still fine


EE used to be 1TB but then screwed everyone over changing it to 600GB mid contract and won't let you leave or change so looking to move my main number over to Vodafone if its confirmed the limit.




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Mobilemandan 


The unlimited max does not have a fair usage policy it is truly unlimited and you  are free to use the data for all your needs. 


If you are roaming there is a 25GB cap.


Edited due to mistype . Thank you  @chistery 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I think you've missed off the 5, AnnS. Unlimited plans have a 25GB roaming FUP.

I thought that too but recently received this email.

Can someone from Vodafone help since I cannot afford to be disconnected from my unlimited max plan!unlimited max problem.png

Hi @unlimited_max, as @AnnS advised, we don't have a fair usage limit on our unlimited plans, but as the email advised we do monitor customers usage. As we'll need access to your account to take a closer look into your usage, please reach out to us via our social channels and we'll be happy to help and offer more advice.

I find the chat goes to India and find them incredibly frustrating to deal with, I just phoned up today to be advised nothing to see here, can you direct message me?


I've also recently received messages just like the one above, saying my SIM may be disconnected if my data usage continues. Have been using 1.5TB/month for the last 18 months but the threats of disconnection have only just started!


Has Vodafone changed its policy or is it incorrect in this instance?

They are a nightmare mate raised complaints etc - keep saying nothing we can do

sold to me as unlimited max 5G mobile broadband - then keep reverting saying it's not to be used as broadband!!??


three meanwhile never had any issues with the same caps same plan for £20, i needed two since the router I'm using switches between providers when each or the other has mast issues to provide me more resilience (no fibre in the street)

Anyone got any updates on this situation ?