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Pay monthly


2: Seeker

1 hour 50 minutes. Who says customer service is dead?


Direct debit cancelled. Bet I'll get a call every day now!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @tedco63 


It would help if you gave an indication of your reason contacting Vodafone, it would give the Social Team something to go on.


Vodafone won't contact you just because you decided to cancel your direct debit payment that's not the way they work.  They will flag you up as a risk and if you intend to withhold payment they will suspend your services and mark your credit file accordingly.


Customer Services close at 8 pm, appreciate you have been held in a queue for a lengthy period. As an alternative, you have live chat 24 hour service.  Alternatively, follow this link and speak directly to the Social Team

If you follow the Asked to DM Twitter route, the message will go straight to the Team and they will be back to you ASAP.

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