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Incorrect number in My Vodafone

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I'm having major trouble getting my number to show up in My Vodafone. It all started with a number port.

I requested to port my number in for 6th November. This definitly happened. My SIM with my old network (lebara) stopped working, my 'temporary' vodafone number stopped working and calls and texts were being recieved, sent and made via the number I ported in - i.e. people can contact me on the number, when I contact them it shows my ported in number on their screen and dialing *#100# shows the ported in number, not the temporary number. Data is also working fine. I only have the one e-sim in my phone and no physical SIMs so it is definitly on Vodafone's network.

The issue is that the old 'temporary' number is still showing in My Vodafone and the app, Clicking on pretty much anything to do with the account gives an error. I can't disable things like the god awful Securenet service or change setting like allowing adult content or blocking premium calls, the first 2 I need to do so that I can work with my work systems on the go. I can't see any usage etc either.

Vodafone insist that the port didn't complete and my number isn't yet with them. As I mentioned before, It is fully functional and definitly using the Vodafone e-sim. I've been in contact with Vodafone several times and even raised a complaint.

The first 3 times I contacted them was via webchat. The first person filled in a form and sent it to the number port people, I was advised to wait 24 hours. No fix, so I contacted them again. 2nd person just plain lied (I caught them out on this, so it's not just my opinion) and made things up but I agreed to wait another 24 hours. 3rd person did the same thing as person 1 and raised the same form, another 24 hours. Then I called them, the person was reluctant to help stating that I just had to wait. He eventually passed me through to someone supposedly with the PAC team who just hung up on me stating she didn't have to speak to customers (I was perfectly polite, there was no reason for this). I suspect it wasn't really someone from the PAC team as it sounded like she was in some sort of kitchen with kids running around. At that point I raised a complaint, which seems to be going no where apart from raising the same form with the PAC team for a 3rd time. I was promised an update 24 hours ago and am still waiting. Customer service with Vodafone is getting worse, I've given them passes on so many issues over the years but this is the worst it has been, so when this is sorted I plan to leave.

I've tried a few things myself to see if it will 'unstick' the system. I've tried a SIM swap, which just fails and requesting a pac code, via text and online, both of which just give an error.

I've had the number for 18 years, its a very easy to remember number in the format 07xxx yyy zyy and I'm really worried that if it's not attached to an account it will just eventually stop working or I will lose it somehow now.

Anyway, sorry for the rant above but my question is, apart from having to deal with the complaints team, who don't seem that great anymore, is there anything anyone here can think of that I can do to try and get my number working in My Vodafone so that I can finally generate a new PAC for it and get shot of Vodafone once and for all?



Hi @sayhey  Given how long you've had this number, I can appreciate why you want to get this sorted.  If the order for the number port is still showing has open from our side, then it's this that's causing the issue with your My Vodafone account. Anything you complete externally isn't likely to work until the order is complete and the correct number is reflecting on your Vodafone account. 

My team can look into this and liaise with the Porting Team on your behalf,  although if you already have complaint logged with a reference number you might already be in the best place. In any case, you can pop my team a message on the channels found here. If you've already got a complaint logged, then you can contact them directly on 0808 0057 448  (Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm and Saturday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm).