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Not receiving eSIM QR Codes, no access to service on both my number

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I'm having an issue, I requested SIM swaps for both my numbers but I am not receiving the QR code and therefore I'm out of service


Line 1: Subscribed to a new plan yesterday and choose e-sim delivery. Received the original e-sim QR code within minutes and loaded it in my iPhone 11 Pro. Then I decided I wanted to swap the plan to a different device, deleted the eSIM from the device and asked Vodafone support to issue a new eSIM, I got the confirmation email that it will be done within 1 to 24h.


We are a little past 24h and still no QR code.


Line 2: Was on a physical SIM, requested a swap to eSIM from My Vodafone this morning. got the same confirmation email as for Line 1. Physical SIM stopped working within 1minute. but several hours later, still no eSIM...


I've also spent hours talking to Vodafone trough phone and chat and they don't seem able to help. They keep asking the same questions and process that their previous colleague did, and they don't seem to have access to the notes the previous agent said he left ....


Yesterday, the webchat started the sim swap process again for me, but again, 24h later, I still havent received my QR codes


Any help or advise would be really appreciated it here, I'm totally out of service and going to a Vodafone store is not an option...

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Anyone, please help .... :Sad_face:


I've wasted hours on the webchat, spent a fortune calling vodafone from a foreign number (Since all my vodafone SIMs are now deactivated) and even reached out on Facebook.


I am only ever being told that my issue has been escalated and put back into another queue .... where I wait for hours until I give up...



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I have the exact same problem. I haven’t had service since Tuesday morning and wasted hours on the webchat to always get the same answers and baseless reassurance.

They should just give up and mail in the qr codes like ee instead of leaving us without service or proper customer service.

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2: Seeker

I just managed to get my service back up. I asked the tech team to email me the qr code and they were able to do it and within a few minutes I was up and running again.


Try to chat directly with the tech team using the link below and ask them to email you the QR code.


Hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out.

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