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Ordered a sim by mistake

2: Seeker

Hi There,   I know i'm stupid but three weeks ago I ordered a new sim.  I have done this by mistake as I should have upgraded my sim not ordered a new one.  I am a student and was in the process of moving back home so the sim arrived at my parents house and I didn't see it.  I now realise that what I have done is order a new sim and not upgraded my sim as I should have.  There was some confusion at the beginning as I wanted to keep my old number but because I was staying with Vodafone I was told I had to change to payg for a month then revert to back to monthly if I wanted to keep my number.  I didn't quite understand this however, the situation is now I have received a new sim and new contract which I did not intend to do.  I have contacted vodafone who say contact I have contacted who say contact vodafone.  I do not need 2 sims and I cannot afford 2 sims so what do I do?   This is extremely stressful as I feel helpless and nobody seems to care or be bothered to help me resolve this matter from the retailer or the provider. It was a genuine mistake.  I thought I was dong the right thing wanting to stay with vodafone. Can someone please advise. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @pauljosephburke 


As you've gone through an independent your basically their customer so would need to go through them.

Vodafone UK will obviously try to help where they can and the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM maybe able to advise further > Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @pauljosephburke 


Don't worry this is easily fixed.  When you ordered from it would have been for a new contract and a new SIM, they are reluctant or unable to upgrade a contract, upgrading has to be done direct with Vodafone.


This is the process to follow:

order a PAYG SIM for any other network.

when received port out the number you wish to keep to the other network.  You can get the PAC easily by  following this link Switch to another network and get a PAC 

When the number moves repeat the process with the other network.


You will have the number you want on the new mobiles contract and just the one contract within 48 hours at the most.  Remember to start the process at the beginning of the week.


Vodafone will tell you to move the number to PAYG taking 30 days, this will be a lot quicker and you continue to use the same online account.

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