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Pay monthly

Overpaying for Apple watch

2: Seeker

I hope someone can help or advise.


I recently found out that my Apple Watch contract expired on 10th Dec 2021 at a cost of £31.50 monthly which includes £7 for onenumber.


Im still being charged although the contract expired.


A couple of questions have arisen as a result.


Firstly, Why don’t Vodafone inform you when your contract is about to end (if they do I didn’t get informed)


Secondly, If a contract expires then no more money should be taken except for the £7 onenumber connection.


I have been on the online chat and have been told that no refund will be given which I think is very naughty considering they have made around £100 since December.


Its made me think whether I want to remain a customer of Vodafone for which I have been for 22 years.

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17: Community Champion

You will need to cancel OneNumber @RH10 by calling Customer Services on 191 and passing data protection.  Please follow this link and scroll down to More Help here: One Number 


As far as your watch is concerned, when the contract came to an end, you would have been able to see the option to cancel the watch agreement in your My Vodafone Application. 


Contacting Customer Services or using live chat will get the clarification you need.  There is also the Social Team for help through Twitter or Facebook social channels here: Contact Us 


edited to add:  If you cancel your watch plan, you would also need to cancel One Number, this is the reason I gave the advise. 


As has been recommended in previous threads where the question has been asked, it would be a good idea to get clarification from Customer Services or the Social Team.  There is an example here:



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17: Community Champion

Typically a contact does not expire unfortunately @RH10 

From what I understand you still want the One Number part of the contract as I assume your still using that for your watch.

In regards to the payment for the watch then the Terms and Conditions should have set out what needed to be paid for the watch and over any period that's relevant.

Your 100% right that a person shouldn't have paid any further monies than previously agreed.

I certainly wouldn't be happy either if this happened to me.

Tip > Personally when i take out anything i always put a reminder note in my calender to help me remember to act on things.

People get on with their life's and expect payments to run until completed or until the company contacts them to advise so action can be taken.

Not everyone thinks to / has time to check an app.

I would suggest to put this in writing via complaints/code-of-practice. 

Do please double check the original small print / Terms and Conditions.

Although the Vodafone Social Media Teams are part of the escalation Teams I find it good prwctice to put this in writing.

If you feel direct debits was taken in error then your Bank can help with this under the Direct Debit guarantee,  however the direct debits must have been taken in error on Vodafone's part.

Would you let us know how you get on with this please.

I wish you all the best.  :Smiling: 

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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Community Manager

Good morning @RH10 🙂 Thanks for reaching out to us. 

As both @BandOfBrothers and @BandOfBrothers have mentioned, you need to contact us to cancel any contract, whether it's a mobile plan, data SIM or a Watch plan with 30 days notice

All Vodafone accounts are self-managed, this means it's a customer's responsibility to check your contract end date and to request cancellation. The contract start and end date would have been emailed to you when you first took out the package and we also usually get in touch when you're entering your upgrade period (leading into the end of your contract term). 

You can also view this information at any time on your My Vodafone app or online - our customer service agents can also provide you with this information. 

I can understand your frustration about not being offered a refund for the time you were out of contract - my team can certainly check if there's anything further we could do to help resolve things. 

Please pop us a message via social media and if you include your Community username and a link to your post, you won't need to repeat yourself 🙂

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16: Advanced member

"All Vodafone accounts are self-managed, this means it's a customer's responsibility to check your contract end date and to request cancellation"


Well, that's not strictly true is it. Vodafone have a responsibility to meet OFCOM regulations on end of contract notifications.


Yes, contracts shouldn't expire and the customer has some responsibility, but so does Vodafone. I would raise a complaint, ask how they have fulfilled their obligations from OFCOM and see where that goes. Follow their complaints code and take notes of anything Vodafone make up and hopefully you'll get some resolution either from them or CISAS.



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