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Paying an old Vodafone bill off ?.

2: Seeker



I have an old debt with Vodafone I need to pay off. I get nowhere whenever I ring customer services. I need to know if the debt has been passed on and if I can set up a payment plan. My account has been closed since 2016 and I was paying £5 a month up until January this year through a debt management plan which has since been closed down due to unforseen circumstances. Please can a Vodafone forum member or advisor help me as I get nowhere when I phone up? 




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17: Community Champion

At this stage, the account will have been moved off the main system and the frontline customer services people won't be able to see it.   However, if you drop a note to the Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter, they can get you referred to Credit File Support, who will have all the details.   Once you've settled up, ask what they can do to update your credit record.

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