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Returning back to the UK

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi, I am an expat planning to return back to the UK in May.

I would like to recuperate my old number (that was given away last year) and also get a quote for broadband so that we have it installed the moment we return back home (two queries I suppose?)

Whom can I contact via WhatsApp or email to help me? 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If the mobile number is now being used by someone else then unfortunately you won't be able to have the number back @vasgeo 

Vodafone have a Social Media Team via Contact Us.  

They do not use email or WhatsApp. 

In regards to broadband and a new Vodafone Monthly Contract a person needs to have a uk bank , uk address, be on the electoral register and pass a credit check. 

A Vodafone Highstreet Store can help or use Live Chat.  

There is Vodafone Internet sites online to be able to apply. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It would be worth asking your broadband enquiry on the broadband board where you will receive a better response @vasgeo .  As you are a returning expat with a UK address there shouldn't be any problems but I suspect you may need to wait until you return to the UK before setting up the broadband.  

As far as your number is concerned you will need a new SIM with a new number.  Take a look at the PAYG page here PAYG this will provide a mobile connection temporarily, you can take out a monthly contract for the number at a later date. I would also recommend Voxi, still Vodafone here Voxi