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Spotify Premium

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3: Seeker

Afternoon all, so I was logged into spotify premium with my entertainment package but today for some reason I am now only running the free subscription. I have checked and my sub is still up and running but for some reason not now linked to my spotify account.


I have logged out and back in to reboot according to spotify but nothing has changed.

Any help would be great, many thanks 


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3: Seeker

Same issue here started this afternoon.

Its so frustrating that there are no answers online to help as to why and the adverts are driving me crazy! 

Hello, @plit79 and @Ultramar10. I hope you're well. It's disappointing to hear that your Spotify Premium has unexpectedly stopped working. Please get in touch on Social Media here so that we can look into your account and get to the bottom of this for you.

So just contact you via FB with the link to this page? 

Yes, that's right, @plit79. We'll then be able to take a closer look into the Inclusive Entertainment issue for you. 

I'm having the same issue on one of the phones on my plan. Have messaged on twitter and Facebook but no response. What's going on?

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Hi also having this problem so have sent a message on social media - any ideas on when this will be fixed?

Hi everyone, thanks for reaching out about this. We understand it must've have been frustrating, our technical back office teams have been working to resolve the issue. If it's still present, please drop our teams a message over on our socials so we can take a closer look.

We're always ready to help, if you'd like to feed anything back, or need additional support, just let us know on the link.

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3: Seeker

Same here. Just suddenly stopped being premium cannot get it back up and running. Very frustrating