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Suspicious Debt notice

3: Seeker

My 80 yr old father who is currently very ill (so do not want to bother him with this) has received a debt notice from ardent credit services regarding a debt  of £9.35.  As far as i'm aware he has had pay as you go phones for as long as i remember so I am not convinced this is real.  I am also suspicious as the spelling of his name on the letter is completely wrong.   It's obviously only a small amount of money but i very much doubt it is legitimately owed so am tempted to advise my mother to ignore this, not least because they letter states that if the debt is payed vodafone may restore the service which would then leave them open to further 'debt' being accrued unwittingly.  Many thanks for any advice.


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17: Community Champion

If he's only ever had Payg accounts with Vodafone UK then such debt can't be accrued.

If you Google the contact details on the debt letter are they genuine.

If so then it might be worth contacting the debt collection agency to enquire to this although if they are a genuine company then they'll only speak with the person named on the letter.

Vodafone would also only liase with the account holder and or a person named as a trusted person on the account.

But again a Vodafone Payg account wouldn't accrue a debt.

This could be fraud which can be logged with Vodafone via reporting-suspected-fraud 

And a person can check their credit file to see if a default has been added by contacting experian or one of the other credit houses.

I appreciate the age of the person involved and that they are ill. I'm sorry to hear this.

Unfortunately no account access is available via here.

I can't advise you to ignore the letter as this has to be a decision made by the person or family involved.

I wish you all the best with this @fionaroby 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @fionaroby 


Ardent Credit Services work with Vodafone to recover a debt that has been sold on.  The first thing to establish is whether this has genuinely come from Ardent Credit Services, but this is such a small amount it seem hardly worth the effort to try and recover the debt, even more worrying if the way your Father's name is spelt and Vodafone reconnecting the service.  


The Notice should be on headed paper and have the correct company telephone number, if everything looks legitimate from information available from the internet, it won't do any harm trying to speak to the company, though from comments on the internet, they are not an easy company to deal with. 

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Thank you for reaching out to us @fionaroby we'd like to help get to the bottom of what's going on with the account. As @BandOfBrothers explained, we would need to speak to the account holder or an authorised contact on the account. If you’re named as an authorised contact on the account, you can give us a call on 0333 304 0191 or drop us a message via Live chat here 👉
If you're not on the account though, you would need to get the account holder to get in touch and add you to the account as authorised contact. This would allow you to discuss the account in much greater detail over the phone and via Live Chat 👍

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3: Seeker

Thank you Farai i have no idea what account this even refers to  - father has had a different mobile network provoder for as long as i remember, so no idea of knowing if yhere is an authorised contact... He is very ill in hospital so i certainly wont be bothering him about thiseven if he could remember which is probably unlikely.  Thanks all the same though for advice.

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17: Community Champion

Debt collectors sometimes trawl for likely candidtates if they can't find the original debtor.   This can involve people with the same or similar names or addresses.   The details Vodafone have may not match your father at all and it may be that you have to contact the agency (ideally in a fresh message rather than a link) and tell them your father has no connection with this.

FWIW, when I added a new line to my account a few years back, it started getting debt collector calls.   I eventually responded and explained that I'd just taken on the number and that was the last I heard.   They don't want to waste time on wrong leads, so will probably (and certainly should) take you off the contact list.

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