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Trade In Scam? Where's my money Vodafone?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

So I have recently used Vodafone's 'Trade In' service. 


The service where you register a trade in quote, send you phone in, and receive cash/money off/vouchers. I was provided with a freepost label, thought better of it and sent it Royal Mail Special Delivery (As Vodafone suggests).


It arrived last Monday (22nd January), as per the tracking details, signed for by an Anovo company rep (Vodafone's trade in partner) and I've received nothing at the time of writing (3rd February). No acknowledgement, no payment, no quote confirmation, nothing. 


This is now akin to theft, that device is still my property until renumeration has been received for it. I have contacted the 'buyback' team on the 29th January, who have said they'd 'ask the warehouse to check this'. Nothing since; no one is answering their phone line, and live chat have no way of checking what on earth is happening.


Better yet, I have just received an email saying the quote is now expired because haven't sent the device to them! The Audacity! I specifically used a tracked and insured service to ensure this would not happen, yet here we are. Royal Mail have advised lodging a report of theft due to the lack of communication, the whole thing is extremely suspicious. I'd hedge my bets that they will claim the device is damaged next to get out of paying me at all. 


Has anyone else got any recent experience with this service? I'm owed £240 by Vodafone and I would very much like it. For the time being, I cannot recommend anyone sending your devices to Vodafone, they seem to be taking advantage that we are unable to use any in-person service and straight up stealing our devices. 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

That's not good as I can see from what you've written that you've abided by the agreed deal and also followed it up via the avenues you state.

Perhaps give the Vodafone Social Media Team's a crack at sorting this out for you @Zacurquhart 

They can be contacted via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

Also you have the complaints procedure option Here. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



If I'm honest, there isn't a single method of communication I haven't tried. I've even approach Ingram Micro & ANOVO themselves to try to sort it direct, to no avail. 

This is embarrassing. 

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I completely understand your frustration here @Zacurquhart, and we'd love to get to the bottom of this for you. I'd recommend reaching out to our Social Media team here, they'll be able to liaise with our Trade in team and Warehouse to get this resolved for you.

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

You guessed it, 


Today, after being ignored by most lines of contact, I received an 80% UNDERPAYMENT for the device. No communication, no warning that the device was damaged (at which point I could have disputed it), nothing. Just a measly drop of £48 into my account and case closed. 

So, my device was missing for 2 weeks. It then miraculously reappeared, on the same day I sent over 5 emails and made 8 phone calls to various different departments.

According to the Social Media Team, the device was damaged?! Who would have guessed it?! This is clearly part of a wider effort to recover costs; there is no other explanation as to why a device can be missing for 2 weeks, then turn up damaged and worth 80% less than the original quote, with no explanation and no communication. I used a tracked and insured service, so if it were damaged in transit I should have been notified so I could action a request to the courier for costs. It has been damaged maliciously by Vodafone, who attempted to hide it, found it 2 weeks later and have tried to school it out. 


This is a scam by a company who are clearly all too aware that it's your word against theirs in these situations. If they can do this just 1% of the time, imagine the cost savings that can be made. 

DO NOT SEND YOUR DEVICE TO VODAFONE. Wait until you are able to use an in-person service so it's impossible to get scammed! 

Sorry to hear this @Zacurquhart   ;(


I've only ever traded one phone in and that was with Samsung in a Samsung Experience Store in my City. 

Even then I took time and dated stamped pictures of the phone showing it's aesthetic condition and a couple of it turned On.

Even then in my opinion I didn't get what I personally thought the phone was worth so now I sell privately to people I know.

Take care. 


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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



This is the first device I've traded in; ordinarily I'd keep them as spares or hand them off to family, but with finances being tight this year I thought it'd be an easy way to recover some costs! 

I should have taken pictures/video of the device, I just had misplaced trust in the system by the sounds of it; never again. 

Take Care

Community Manager
Community Manager

So we can take a look into this @Zacurquhart and see if we can get you more information regarding the damage to your phone. Pop another message to our Social Media team and we'll be able to investigate this further for you.