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Voxi - VOIP? And seamless migration from Vodafone to Voxi?

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I'm considering transfering over to Voxi, but understand it's not VOLTE (yet) enabled. From time to time I need to make VOIP calls - will this work 'ok' with Voxi? I don't need HD call quality, just decent enough 'phone' quality..


Also, in this changing market (and Voxi website), is it still smoother to sign up via the "already with Vodafone" link on the Voxi site, or go with the SIM through the post. Will the VF SIM behave 100% with my settings on my handset etc?


I've ordered the SIM anyway and may yet choose to 'test' it for a month (I have a dual SIM slot) before transfering my number.. And (small detail), going with the "already with Vodafone" link, will this still work with any referal links, both having been given one, and also later refering onwards?


Many thanks in advance..

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Hey there @Rye1 - VOXI isn't yet supporting 4G or Wi-Fi calling but Wi-Fi calling is coming soon to VOXI 😁 So keep your eyes peeled.

I would suggest to contact the VOXI team on Facebook or Twitter to get your Vodafone number moved across. Make sure to Tweet at VOXI_UK instead of Vodafone.

If you're wanting to join the Friends with Benefits scheme, this can only be one per email address so if you try the refer a new VOXI SIM and then try to refer your Vodafone SIM after moving to VOXI it most likely will not work. When contacting the team on social media, be sure to mention you have a referral link from a friend and they can get that sorted for you.

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