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Youtube premium stopped working after 1 month

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

As per the title. it no longer works

I have been on the phone to them, followed all the steps at least 20 times. They have disconnected my SIM, renewed and refreshed my account. Sent the text etc etc etc. Absolutely nothing has worked.


Has anyone actually got this problem resolved?


Screenshot_20230323-100759.pngScreenshot (33).png


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @SeanChandler, I'm sorry to see there's been a problem with your You Tube subscription. If you pop us a message through one of our social channels, we'll be able to take a closer look into this for you. I'm sure we'll be able to get this back up and running for your in no time.



You appear to have not read where i said i have been in contact with the tech support team for 2 weeks and jumped through their hoops MANY MANY times. It has been escelated to the IT department twice. Ive been told not to contact again about the issue and that it would be resolved. It hasnt been. 


Vodafone are in breach of contract, selling a service which they are not providing. 


At this point i get the distinct impression that they want me to just shut up and take it as a loss. All I keep hearing is "rest assured" which i've discovered translates to, stop bothering us, we dont know how to fix it

Community Manager
Community Manager

I did see where you've advised you'd been in touch with us @SeanChandler, and I can understand how frustrating this would be, but we'd love the chance to turn this around for you. If you change your mind and would like us to take a look into this for you, don't hesitate to get in touch via the link in my last message.

Im in contact with you guys right now. and have been for the past hour and a half. no resolution yet

Hey @SeanChandler I hope you're well and had a nice weekend. Did the team manage to get this all resolved for you? 

No, spoke to a member of the tech support team for an hour. He blamed YouTube, said they couldn't renew the subscription as my premium was still in its payment cycle, and until that ended, they wouldn't be able to add it again as YouTube servers show I'm already subscribed.


Contacted Google and they said my payment cycle ended the 7th march.


Back to Vodafone, they said it was an error with YouTube servers saying I have an active subscription when I don't.


Back to Google, they recognise that I have a payment plan active which is retaining that flag, and they have no way to remove it because it's attached to my account by Vodafone 


YouTube support has been excellent professional and trying to resolve the issue at all times. Vodafone has consisted of making me follow the same steps over and over, and not accepting any responsibility, blaming youtube, and general lack of understanding. Frustrated, and miffed off is an understatement 

Thank you for letting me know @SeanChandler I am sorry that this isn't resolved yet. I can see that we are waiting for a response from you on the social media thread. We will need you to send a reply in order for the conversation to remain active so we can escalate this issue for you. 

Where are you waiting for a response?


The email screenshot I shared is from YouTube, not Vodafone. It's been 20 days now


When you enable the YouTube premium subscription, access is granted to my Google account to activate, deactivate and modify subscriptions. Google have stated, as per the email, that they cannot remove the subscription flag as it is on Vodafone's side, the issue is, after the first month which is free, Vodafone never paid the bill, but have left the account open.


Vodafone tech have told me i have to wait for the payment cycle to end, which is a monthly thing before they can renew it. Unfortunately, that payment cycle ended the 7th march. But Vodafone renewed it without paying, and will continue to do so until my contract ends. Google cannot remove it, I am not getting what I'm paying for, and Vodafone haven't got a clue what they're doing.


Seriously, how hard is it to start a subscription to a service and uphold the agreement? I pay my Netflix on time, and my phone bill on time, Vodafone can't use what I assume is a Huge contract with YouTube and just provide the service they've sold?

We are waiting for a response from you over on Twitter @SeanChandler As we need access to your account in order to work on getting this resolved, we will need you to continue the conversation over there as we have no account access via the forum. I appreciate that this whole situation is very frustrating but we do want to get it sorted for you.