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Gold Number Sales

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer better products and services for our customers and are happy to announce our great new proposition – Gold Number Sales! What’s a Gold Number? Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number, when you can cho...

Gold numbers 2.png
Phil by Community Manager (Retired)
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Oppo find x3 pro stock

Hi, I was not notified when I placed my preorder of the oppo find x3 pro would be out of stock and am now on back order, does anyone know how long this will take

LewThom by 2: Seeker
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Phishing pay as you go

I have been on pay as you go for more than ten years. I never received any payment scams.Now that I am on monthly payment, I have received text messages and emails telling me my debit is no longer valid.Has anyone on pay as you go received these scam...

Vodafone Credit Report Issues

Hi All,  My mortgage has been refused and i'm told its because of a mark on my credit report from Vodafone.  This was issues in error and Vodafone claimed they have sorted the issue but clearly haven't.  Does anyone know how I can talk to the credit ...

Proof of purchase so slow!

I requested proof of purchase for my insurance claim 7 days ago and still no sign if it even though it's only meant to take 3 days. I've phoned Vodafone multiple times but keep getting sent back to the same form, which I've submitted many times.  Is ...

Juliamay by 2: Seeker
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Possible split port issue

Not sure if posting in the right place so apologies if that's the case.So, I ported from Asda mobile (iPhone) to Vodafone (android) , to keep my sons number when I took out a contract for him to use. This was in Dec 2019. At that point he rarely ever...

Longer ringtone

Does anyone know how to adjust the ringtone on a Samsung Galaxy S7 so that an incoming call does not go to the answerphone within 5 seconds of ringing and I cannot get to answer the phone in time?

Susie17 by 3: Seeker
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Unlimited plan and tethering

Hi,Know that there are several posts here in the forum about this, but mostly are old post and I want to be sure this is not a problem. I have an unlimited plan. At my place I get download speeds of 200Mbps with my mobile. Home broadband is much slow...

alal by 4: Newbie
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Damaging default on credit report!

Hello, I initially complained back in 2020 however my complaint didn’t get resolved I then called again a few day ago and Vodafone refused to come up with any resolution to my issue. The complaint is as follows - I called up Vodafone around October /...

Fsn-x by 2: Seeker
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Avoid Vodafone at all costs

I have been a Vodafone costumer for 3 years. For the past 3 months I've had signals issues and Vodafone can compare and check my usage from previous and they will see a big difference. I've still being paying my bills in the 3 months. Then Vodafone t...

Sumi95 by 2: Seeker
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