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2: Seeker

A default has shown up on my credit report from 2017- showing as in default.  This debt on an old account was sold to Lowells and paid off.  I have spoken to the collections department at vodafone and got nowhere, I have sent proof from Lowells that the outstanding amount was paid off.  I'm still showing as in default from vodafone on my credit report.  This has only just come up in October 2020.  I am now geting emails from vodafone about 'my bill'.  

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17: Community Champion

Hi @donlou 


Although you have paid the amount owing and cleared the debt, the default won't be removed, it has to be recorded on a credit file for 6 years but should be updated to settled.


Definitely worth getting this checked out with the Credit Team especially when you are getting billing emails.  Follow this link to contact the Social Team who will put you in direct contact with the Team who will be able help.  Contact the Social Team 

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17: Community Champion



It maybe beneficial to speak with one of the Credit Houses such as Experian for advice and support.

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