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Iphone6 unlock request

I have an iPhone 6 purchased from carephonewarehouse that is locked to Vodafone - I have filled the relevant unlock form out but I got the usual we can’t unlock it response even though it’s locked to Vodafone - can Vodaphone please advise how I get t...

Nom- by 2: Seeker
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Attempting to get a MCK CODE

Good Morning, I am trying to get a MCK Code to unlock my phone.  A lot of the people that have asked have been directed to the Social Media Team is that still the case.Regards 

catsann by 3: Seeker
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MiFi R219t Unlocking

Kindly help me with the NCK for both of my Vodafone MIFi R219t. The IMEI are; [Removed] [Removed] Thank you [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]

Not connected sim card

Hello!My phone Number not working,few days ago I use Vodafone SIM card then 3-4 days later it’s stop working,but I still need this phone number but I can’t turn it on, the network does not see it!Could you help me please?

Resolved! Blacklist Phone (But I'm Not With Vodafone)

Hi, I bought an iphone 13 from eBay a year and a half ago. I used it on EE for 12 months and then moved to O2. My service stopped 6 weeks ago, and after a LOT of effort, O2 finally were able to confirm that the IMEI was blacklisted by Vodafone. The s...

Resolved! unlock south african wifi router R206-Z

Hi above  router bought 2014 in cape town from vodacom 3g store tyger valley. i need to unlock this router please. tried using vodafone uk unlocking form but says not bought from vodafone. vodafone/vodacom all same group surely? why does south africa...

fozzie by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Difficult to unlock iPhone purchased at Carphone Warehouse

Hi, I have iPhone 6 purchased from Carphone Warehouse several years ago, now I am trying to unlock it and Carphone Warehouse mentioned to contact to Vodafone network to unlock it. I have fill up NUC form twice but rejected mention that the phone is n...

H007 by 2: Seeker
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Unlocking my mifi

Hello I purchased a Vodafone mifi (Vodafone_CMR_8BE7) I unlocked it and reset it but now I can’t put in any line to use, how do I unlock it again ?

Okolong by 2: Seeker
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SIM Permanently Locked On Vodafone Smart Speed 6

 I recently decided to start using my Vodafone Smart Speed 6 however I am currently stuck on a SIM contract with EE so I needed my phone unlocked. I Went to the Vodafone website and I received the NUC Code however when I inserted it into my phone and...

Ajajohns by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! MCK

I.ve recieved my code it's about 21 numbers long but when I start to put it in there's only space for seven numbers.My Samsung Galaxy 7 stopped working and I'm trying to use my old Nokia Lumia 550