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2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Please could you advise me re unlocking a ZTE Blade A3 2019.

I bought two of these, some three years ago from ARGOS, as my local Vodaphone shop did not have them in stock and advised me that although there were advertised on the Vodaphone site, they could not obtain them.

The phones were locked to Vodaphone.

I and my wife have used these phones on Vodaphone sims since we bought them and have been with Vodaphone for many years - 

Vodaphone refuse to supply a NUC giving the reason that we did not buy from Vodaphone.

ZTE state that they cannot unlock them, as it requires vodaphone to access ZTE`s server. with the IMEI

I have the IMEI of course and all original detail and packaging.

I have read on the forum that Vodaphone will unlock a Vodaphone locked phone, even if you did not buy it from them after so long use.

Please could you help.






16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Are you sure these are actually locked?  If they were sold by Argos as "SIM free" then they should not have been locked in the first place!


Yes certainly they are locked, as I said. The phones were locked to Vodaphone.. I knew that when I bought them, and a SIM other than vodaphone reports - locked.



Hi @Macboatmaster You can try requesting a device unlocking via the form found here. Our Unlocking Team will review and respond to you. 

Thank you for replying. Please do not think that I do not appreciate it but will the same not apply to the unlocking team reply, as it did to me doing it via the vodaphone website

As on the link you sent me, the same entry as here

"Unfortunately, we can't unlock your device if you didn't buy it directly from us, for example, from Carphone Warehouse" appears to suggest that the request will be refused. I bought them as I said from Argos. 

Thanks again




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

That message is misleading @Macboatmaster , the reason for the message is because most phones purchased through third parties never came locked to the network.  Due to an Ofcom ruing networks stopped locking phones towards the end of 2021, locking phones to the network served no purpose.

Providing you have used a Vodafone SIM in the phone during the last 30 days, there shouldn't be any problems getting the code, complete the form as purchased through Vodafone.  When you have the code follow this information Use your Unlock Code 

The other thought I had was you may have entered a security code for when the SIM is changed,  It may be worth taking a look at the online manual.

If you have any problems follow the link to speak to the Social Team through social channels here  they will help get the phones unlocked.


Thank you, but I have already completed the form, before trying the forum and the reply was - "as you did not buy the phone from us, we cannot provide an unlock code." I did complete the form, enetering I bought it from you, but obviously they knew I did not by the IMEI number. 

I am sorry to be a nuisance but when I then follow your advice to speak to the Social Team - I get this

Contact us about account related queries - Community home (


I do not have facebook, twitter etc, please tell me how to post to the Social Team. I have been with Vodaphone for many years, in fact I have never used any other mobile service provider. I have used the phone that I want to unlock with Vodaphone since I bought them in February 2020