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Signal appears to drop while on a call.

4: Newbie


I’ve recently joined Vodafone and have a query.  

I’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro, with my personal number on an eSim, along with another Vodafone physical sim on my business line.


When I’m on a call on my personal line, the signal indicator for my personal line goes to zero, a 3G logo is still shown, and my business line shows full signal.


The phonecall continues without issue, but I just wondered if this is normal behaviour? Is the call actually taking place on my personal line, but no signal is being shown?


My personal line was with EE previously and I didn’t see this behaviour (same phone).




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17: Community Champion

Hello @StuMcBill 


When I use my phone as dual dim both signals remain showing although I'm not using an iPhone, however I'd expect it to show both signals or a person would be concerned.

I'd certainly also ask this question on the Apple Community Members Forum too if you haven't already.

There are a few hits via a Google Search with a couple being >

Using Dual SIM with an eSIM  and How-does-dual-sim-work-on-iphones. 

We have a Community Champion who uses an iPhone called @jeffkinn 

I wonder if he has some insight on this ?

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @StuMcBill 


I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max but I only have a physical sim in the device. I certainly don't see the behaviour you've mentioned when I'm on a call and I would have noticed as a lot of the time I use the phone on loudspeaker for work calls at my desk at home. I doubt that the phone is meant to work in that way with an esim and the fact that you didn't have that issue with EE before is also weird. @BandOfBrothers suggestions to look at the Apple Community forums is a good idea but I'm afraid I can't help any further. But please come back to us and let us know what happened.


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16: Advanced member

Which line is data set to use as primary?


I'd expect to see this if you have data on your business line and haven't selected allow data switching.

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