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apple watch 4 cell NOT WORKING

11 days now with my apple watch 4 not working on the data plan all i get is error 2001 after 50 calls too vodafone no joy. after changing my secondary number twice no joy what a waist of time. 

whatthe by 3: Seeker
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Apple Watch 4 Farce

Received an Apple Watch 4 last week, still no data available on it despite being reassured several times that the issue was solved. The frustrating thing is that when I speak to agents Im made to go through the same process where its made out to be m...

Resolved! Blacklisted iPhone - mistake by Vodafone

I purchased a Vodafone Pay As You Go SIM on 12th May 2019. Soon after inserting the sim in my iPhone 6 Plus, I got the message showing "No Service". The SIM worked perfectly fine in any other phone - Apple or Android. I bought other UK network SIMs a...

Conecting to iTunes

Hi I’ve upgraded to iPhone XR but my computer hates it! iTunes won’t connect and I have downloaded the latest version. No error messages just wont connect! Any advice?

nerris by 2: Seeker
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Skysports mobile to app

Will not connect, says check internet connection. Works on 4g or if I am on someone else's internet . Have phoned Vodafone numerous times!

Wifi calling

I have got wifi calling enabled on my Vodafone account. But when I go into my iPhone 6S settings, and try to enable it there, it keeps telling me to contact Vodafone UK..I am also trying to enable 4G on oice an dData as it is currently set to Data on...

Incoming Call Bug, iOS 12.3

Hello everyone,For reference, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 12.3.Since updating to iOS 12.3 I’ve had a few calling glitches happening to me. Whenever someone calls (international or local), my phone screen would freeze and I would be unable to do anything. This...

no order confirmation

I recentley ordered apple watch series 4 on 18th may and have not yet recieved order confirmation I am aware the item is in high demand but surley after ordering  i'd get a confirmation ? 

No service whilst abroad

Me and my boyfriend both Vodafone are in Oslo. Only my phone does not receive any service despite same settings 

Apple Watch despair with Vodafone

I have spent so many hours chatting with technical support and nobody can get my new Apple Watch cellular working. It is a shambles. Seems like there are hundreds of other people in the same bucket.  Can someone help? I also had an alert to say a cre...

Farrancc by 3: Seeker
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