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Apple Watch data plan has stopped working

For some reason my mobile data plan has stopped working it keeps trying to activate on the watch but then it goes back to the set mobile data plan page  I tried resetting the watch but still nothing 

cpt666 by 2: Seeker
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My Vodafone App on Iphone X

My Vodafone app has not been working for about 2 months since an upgrade on the My Vodafone App. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but does not seem to work. Spoke to IT  who said that this is a known fault with IPhone X and someone will get i...

Ley by 3: Seeker
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About using Internet with vodafone usim

Hello, I'm using vodafone usim in Germany. I set all things right as the manual informs, even changing the apn address from wap to pp. Yesterday my usim worked good but today it doesn't work right after getting a message with profile updating. Sure I...

iPhone XS 512gb

Hello everyone. Can somebody be able to tell me if Vodafone is going to re-stock the iPhone XS Max 512gb please?  Thanks. 

Drew79 by 2: Seeker
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iphone 6 unlock

i requested unlocking on 3 devices on Sunday 30/6/19. I had a confirmation email at 0857hrs on 2/7/19 to state all were unlocked. Put new SIM into all three but only the Iphone XR has unlocked the 2 iPhone 6 remain locked. not sure how this is possib...

BVA76 by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! Apple Watch Error 2005

I recently did a transfer of ownership (consumer to consumer) and the Apple Watch add-on stopped working after the transfer had taken place.  I tried to remove and re-add the data plan which didn't work and contacted customer support who told me I wo...

garetc by 12: Established
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Wifi Calling on iPhoneXS stops and requires reboot

I have Wifi Calling working on my iPhone XS iOS 12.3.1 and it used to work just fine for months.But now it stops working almost every day and I have to reboot the phone and then it starts working again. Any ideas why?

TheObo by 2: Seeker
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Entertainment red Amazon prime not working

I subscribed to an amazon prime account with my red entertainment Vodafone pass but was unable to create the account for it as my phone went off and now it won’t let me access this account but it still says I’m subscribed to it 

iPhone XR *upgrade from Vodafone* will it be locked to the Network?

Yesterday I went for an upgrade from Vodafone and got myself an iPhone XR. Now just waitting to receive my new handset. But in the mean time I was wipping out my old Galaxy S8 and realised that it's locked to Vodafone. Which seemed odd, cause few mon...

shamas by 2: Seeker
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No mobile data for 2 weeks

Hi see my problem has a recurring theme throughout this thread, 2 weeks ago today I got a Apple Watch series 4 from Vodafone store, ever since I received it I’ve had no mobile data at all, been on the phone several times to the technical support and ...