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Missed activation dates

4: Newbie

When we signed up for fibre broadband, we were given a date of the 10th November for the engineer to make the connection. That date came and went, and we still can't get a clear answer from anyone at vodafone as to when they might connect us.

This morning an Openreach van pulled up outside our house, not to hook us up, but to connect the people next door who only moved in a week ago! I spoke to the engineer and he had no record of us on his list. He called his office to check and they had nothing showing on their system for our address. I went in to the local vodafone store to get more info and after offering unlimited data on our mobiles as a short-term fix, all they could suggest was to seek a no cost contract termination for non-provision of services. Had they actually checked they'd have known that we already pay for unlimited data.  Utterly useless service.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

In cases like this it's often difficult to say if it's the ISP or Openreach at fault, but as next door got connected in 2 weeks (the usual time from ordering to connection) it does seem as if it must be Vodafone.

As there are so many similar posts on here, I can only suggest you go with a more responsive ISP. (Do you know who next door used?)



Hey @Derek_H I hope you're well. This is certainly not the experience we want you to be having with us. We need to take a look at your broadband order to see what is going on. As we have no account access on the community, please drop the Social Media team a message here so they can look into this for you.