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Broadband very slow

1: Seeker

So I pay for 500 mb a second but I only get around 0.5. This is very bad for me and my family since me and my wife work from home and my two children have online school. It is very difficult to get my work done when the internet is very slow. I've tried contacting them multiple times and they just said that nothing was wrong on their end and that I should just try turning it off and on again. My contract is up in January so I told them that if my speeds don't improve to what I'm paying for I will switch to another provider. The person I was talking to then said that they would send someone out by Christmas to check it out. My question is should I stay with Vodafone and renew my contract or switch to another Internet provider.



Hey @atsushi It's disappointing to hear that you're having such a poor experience with your broadband and it certainly sounds like there is an issue that we need to look into. As there is no account access on the Community, please drop the Social Media team a message here so these speeds can be investigated for you. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If you are coming up to the end of your contract, have you suffered that appalling speed for nearly 2 years?

And if so why?

Did they seriously say they would send someone by Christmas. Why would they not do it immediately?

Have you done a speed test with a wired connection to the router?

11: Established
11: Established

Is this only over a wi-fi connection and also do you have any Sky Q boxes?

Because Sky Q boxes can cause havok with Vodafone routers as they interfere with the wi-fi channels it automatically uses. I have seen this before and it makes the wireless bandwidth go to a crawl, even though the incoming broadband connection has tons of bandwidth.

The other thing to also check for is to make sure the router is not broadcasting this same channels as any of your neighbours.

If either of these are the case then you need to manually set the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz broadcasting frequencies to alternate channels that any Sky Q boxes or your neighbours use.