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Broadband connection


2: Seeker

I'm having a bit of frustrating experience today.  I'm trying to get Broadband but there is some sort of misinformation between Openreach and Vodafone. Basically my address is SIlver, I spoke to Openreach and I got told that it's a very simple process that service provider (Vodafone) needs to follow. Below is a message from Openreach that details what needs to be done.


"Hi there, We need you to speak to the provider your choosing to place an order with. There is currently an address issue:

- Address is showing as a Silver address and an order can only be placed when it's upgraded to a Gold Address.

-To upgrade it to Gold, a provider needs to access the Openreach Portal and complete a form called an ORDI. All advisors should be able to do this, but if not, they should ask their manager.

- Once the address is updated to a Gold address, you should be able to place an order. It takes about a week to update.

I hope it can be sorted quickly for you. Antony"


I have then contacted Vodafone again and they told me that the ORDI should be done by Openreach and when I told that to Openreach they kept saying that the provider should do it:


"The request has to come from them, it might be worth following their process on their website, as it might be linked directly to ourselves. ^Gareth"
I really don't know what to do.


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15: Advanced member

Save yourself the hassle and go with another ISP

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Hey @iarybreko, I'm sure we can get this updated for you. Pop us a private message through one of our social channels and we'll be more than happy to help 😊

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