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New broadband Vodafone customer

Good morning. I have booked an engineer on 6th of April to activate my new superfast 2 Vodafone broadband and i am confused becasue i have noticed that i've got old socket at home...for that cable not for RJ45 which I used to use on prev...

Dyson_85 by 2: Seeker
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Replace Vodafone WiFi Modem with Netgear R8000P

Hi GuysI am looking to replace Vodafone WiFi modem with Netgear R8000P due to crap WiFi coverage of Vodafone router. can I bypass Vodafone router alltogather and only use Netgear R8000P as a modem? Please feel free to suggest an alternate product if ...

sizhar by 2: Seeker
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Broadband unusable

Hi, Is there any way to get to 2nd or 3rd line support? My wife works for the NHS and is supposed to be on call this weekend for a major hosptial but without a usable internet connection this is likely to be putting lifes at risk if she can't access ...

Connection problem

Hey soo,new subscriber.Im aware it will be soo slow speed for 10 days but tho.Its normal working only few sites? Youtube,google and few sites. Mostly not workingAlso when i open my pc. I do have iternet ,this is what pc says. But can't connect to ste...

Router keeps rebooting

Router keeps rebooting itself/losing connection. Red lights along the bottom slowly fade in and out for a few minutes and then back to normal. It used to happen about once a day when my router was newly installed several months ago but it's happening...

Billing for new customer

Hello. I have today been privileged to receive some outstanding help from one of the Vodafone online professionals which enabled me to received internet on my new broadband starting today However, I noticed that on April 2nd you plan to bill me for a...

Orrsome by 3: Seeker
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Speed drop, land line crackly

Last Friday I noticed my sync. speed has dropped from a solid 32/33Mbps for months to 19Mbps. I tried calling technical support from the landline, but this was crackly and forced my broadband router to disconnect. The router took a long while to re-c...

Home broadband not connecting to Sky Q

For the last week my broadband hasn’t connected to my Sky Q box. I have tried re establishing the connection but without any look. Wait times on the phone are over an hour. Googling the problem suggests router may need a firmware update but unsure an...

nezcoops by 2: Seeker
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Broadband is not working this morning

I don't have internet since this morning. Already 1.5 hours on the support phone call, still no one responded. Chat is not working either. I tried to reset router, didn't help. I also checked phone line and it is working fine. Can anyone from Vodafon...

sa74r24r by 3: Seeker
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