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Stop Vodafone router channel hopping?

I've got a new (2021/07/09) Vodafone ADSL/WiFi hub but I cannot see how I stop the WiFi from channel hopping.  I have had issues in the past with some older devices which cannot keep up with router channel hopping and this was solved by stopping my o...

Vodafone any good in Victoria?

I am looking to switch from Dodo really terrible service with constant dropouts and the internet keeps disconnecting, I read a lot of reviews about Vodafone but they were all in other states, I am a heavy gamer so I need a good reliable internet conn...

TP Link fails to clone SSID via WPS

I have a TP Link powerline extender TL-WPA8630P connected to a Vodafone modem via a powerline adapter TL-PA8010P They are paired, but the extender broadcasts a SSID named TP-LINK_XXXX and the router broadcasts a SSID named vodafoneXXXXXX. I want to c...

mdvdk by 2: Seeker
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Sky Q Connection Drop

Hi there,had 500mb Vodafone fibre pro broadband installed. super quick - everything works great… except Sky Q! I can connect the box to the route and I get two ticks for a few seconds and then it drops and won’t reconnect. have tried:1. Software upda...

asus ac88u- internet cable not plugged in

hi. ive got a asus rt ac88u and i have followed all the set up instructions and settings for set up with pppoe etc. i have installed latest merlin firmware to.but the router keeps telling me the internet cable is unplugged and wont connect i have cha...

darlyboy by 2: Seeker
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Gigafast Edinburgh - Own equipment?

I'm out of FTTC contract and thinking about signing-up for Gigafast, but I've just had some surprising answers to some pre-sales technical questions when chatting to Manisha on web chat. Can someone verify if what I've been told this afternoon is cor...

Use unused router ports?

My new router has both a "fibre" port and two "telephone" ports which are currently unused.  On "big" router type boxes, such ports can be reconfigured to act like standard network ports so is this possible on the Vodafone router?  It would be nice t...


Hidden USB-3 (?) port on router

FYI that if you have a router like the one pictured, there is a small panel that slides out and behind that panel is a functioning USB port that is blue so should be USB-3 (as opposed to the one by the other connectors which appears to be USB-2 only)...