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Poor performance on Vodafone Broadband

I'm running Vodafone Broadband at home, and usually I get excellent performance.  [REMOVED] However every now and again I'll be browsing Reddit on my phone or ipad, and if I click on a post it doesn't load anything. It will load the page but any co...

Problems with Vodafone

Hallo! I recently got internet from Vodafone (I live in NRW so it's stull through UnityMedia) but I have a problem - it doesn't work. I have got router 2 days ago and instantly plugged it in. Since this time I restarted it few times but internet stat...

Question regarding Vodafone internet

We haven’t had internet since Wednesday. It’s challenging to work from home with no internet. I have called Vodafone several times and they are unable to provide me with a clear update. They initially said it would be resolved within a day and they h...

Constant broadband disconnections & reconnections

Over the last few weeks. I've been experiencing broadband drops. It's happening 3 or 4 times a day randomly & it's causing so many problems with my CCTV & watching Netflix & alike, that likes to kick you back to the main screen if you experience any ...

VsUK1981 by 4: Newbie
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Broadband Performance

Hi I've had Vodafone broadband for around 3 years now. Up until fairly recently I could get approx 56mb to my house, which I had from BT previous and inially with Vodafone. November last year I began to have issues with my Internet, firstly the speed...

Resolved! Does this look like a dodgy line?

Hello, do these stats look a bit iffy? When we 1st setup the router it synced at 25ish but steady dropped and settled at 15.8. We moved house with the router so that side should be fine.We're about 800m from the cabinet as the crow flies. Its possibl...

mike_w_99_0-1627662554984.png mike_w_99_1-1627662617957.png mike_w_99_2-1627662736101.png


My broadband connection is terrible. Over the last few months, my broadband has started to lose connection about 11pm and then is connected by 7am. What’s going wrong? A new fibre optic cable was put in a few months ago

Down again

Anyone know if there are network issues in the ox28 area ? Seems to happen once a week or more. Blinking red dot on the ‘internet’ hub. Probably due to us getting the cheapest option. But surely it should work at least. 

abg_123 by 2: Seeker
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