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VOIP/SIP settings | 3rd party router | FTTP (Openreach) phone service

4: Newbie

Having had issues with dropped packets on my Vodafone THG3000, I now have a Linksys AX mesh solution, and with the broadband username and password obtained from Vodafone, everything is perfect on the Openreach FTTP service (I have no copper into the house).


My next challenge is to get the landline phone working. I see I have two options:


After purchasing a VoIP SIP ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter), I will either need to:

a) Get the VoIP/SIP details from Vodafone; or

b) Port my phone number to someone like sipgate (basic).

Has anyone done either of these? Any suggestions? If I have to go down option b, any experience of doing this with Vodafone without disturbing the broadband connection?

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