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Setting up voicemail on landline

My parents have just moved to Vodafone Home and I'm trying to help them set up their landline voicemail - The site says to call 08080 034 515 - when I do, say voicemail, add home number then listen to the options none of them work. They keep telling ...

nrasl by 2: Seeker
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I can’t receive incoming calls

I transferred to a Vodafone landline yesterday and now I can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls. I requested to keep my number from my previous provider (TalkTalk). I don’t understand why but need it fixed ASAP.

Muhsima by 2: Seeker
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Phone line

HiI recently had Gigafast installed. The installation is done asFrom the telephone pole the fiber cable is coming to an outside gray color box. There are two output from the gray box 1) to the Openreach telephone socket.2) to a small white box with 3...

VoIP on your equipment

Hi. I am just curious to find out about your Gigafast 100 200 500 and 900Mbps. I do realise that Gigafast is not available in my area yet. It will be a long time before it’s available. But I am just curious to find out about your VoIP service. You kn...

Landline Call Divert

I have tried to activate call divert on my landline by going to Call Management on my online account, but get the message 'We can't add this service for you, because you're not eligible for it. - [Error ref 1w0]'.Tried to phone various numbers (as sh...

sunrise by 2: Seeker
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Phone line problem

My phone line has been dead since Monday have tried calling and live chat and been told both times tech 2 will contact me and havnt. I desperately need a bt engineer so can a moderator help me out here? I have done the usual checks, wired phone direc...

hovegiku by 2: Seeker
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Caller-ID on GigaFast

Hi there,Am about to enter the world of GigaFast but while setting up an account, I got conflicting responses when I asked about Caller-ID. One guy said it would work fine (and it is listed as a free option in the call charges PDF) but when I went to...

Changing from Number Withheld

When I make a call from my landline the called party sees either 'Private Number' or 'Number withheld' on their display. I'd like to change this so my number is shown. How do I do this?

Littim by 2: Seeker
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Landline not receiving calls

We have just recently got Vodafone Gigafast installed and kept our landline number, however our landline is not receiving calls from my mobile but is receiving calls from both my parents mobiles and other people that have called the number. All three...

No incoming calls from the 3 network

Wonder if anyone else has had this problem and how to resolve it. Just transferred my landline and broadband to Vodafone from TalkTalk. Haven't been able to receive calls from my brother and niece who are both with the 3 network. Able to receive call...

Stevie69 by 2: Seeker
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