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Phone Damaged Whilst With Vodafone

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Good afternoon, 

Does anyone know how to escalate an issue beyond customer services? My phone had a software fault, was taken to the store as requested by customer services checked over and sent to the repair center for a suspected software fault. 

A few days later I was called by the repair team saying they can't fix the phone under warranty due to a cracked screen, however the screen was not cracked when the phone was taken by the store. 

After hours speaking to customer services and the repair center (and the phone being returned to me with a cracked screen) I was advised to get the condition report from the store when they took the phone and sure enough there is no mention of the cracked screen reported by the repair team. 

In have sent this to Vodafone customer care, they have since called me saying I have to pay for the repair to the screen (and this is before the repair team even look at the software fault). 

I was offered a £5 Morrisons voucher as compensation, then a £50 credit against the cost of the screen repair. (Screen repair is £140) But there is nothing else they can do. 

I'm not sure what the next steps are, my phone has been damaged at some point whilst in the care of Vodafone yet I am told I have to pay to repair it before their team will even check the fault it was sent to them for under warranty. 

Short of taking them to the small claims court for the damage caused whist my phone was in their possession I am out of ideas? 




Hi @Sampeterwhite 👋 I'm sorry to hear of the issue you've faced with your repair, the department you are speaking to should be able to escalate your complaint, if they have not been able to resolve this satisfactorily. Alternatively if you reach out to the social team via the details in this link we can help raise this also. I have also popped a link here to our complaints page.

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I'm going to be watching this thread with interest...

My device was sent to the repair centre via my local Vodafone store earlier this week, then I received a mail stating that the device had LCD damage and was not covered by warranty, with a cost of £388 to replace the LCD - which is more than 50% of the price I am paying for it on a device plan!!!

I told the guy in the repair centre that the LCD was NOT damaged when I left it with the store, the only physical damage was the screen protector starting to crack along the fold in the screen (the phone is Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip 3). The LCD was perfect, no lines or dead pixels when I left it at the store so it will be interesting to see what the shop says.

Watch this space!

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I have the same issue, I took my phone in to a Vodafone shop in perfect condition, phone is only two months old and stopped charging. It was inspected by two staff, now they have emailed me and said the screen is damaged. What concerns me is that they would not take the box with the phone and took it off me with phone case or any protection. They cannot treat people like this and need to take responsibility 


Hi @Rowy1968

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your repair. If you'd like any further assistance, please contact our team on Social Media. We'll be able to check the notes regarding your repair and raise a complaint if needed. 

Thanks Robyn, I have been in to Vodafone in Manchester and they have emailed the repair team to confirm there was no damage when it was dropped off. They were very helpful. I'm hoping this is the end of the issue stress at being quoted over £200 for a repair which was not needed


That's great to hear @Rowy1968 🙂 Thanks for letting me know that it was resolved and I appreciate this extra stress was not needed. If you do need any assistance for anything, please don't hesitate to follow the link to speak to our Social Media team.

Hi Robyn

I am still having horrendous problems with my phone, they are still saying the screen is damaged and want to charge me £284.00. The Vodafone shop emailed the repair team to tell them the phone was not damaged but they are still refusing to repair it. It is the worst case of company care I have ever experienced. I was told by one lady on the phone it would be repaired free, to send it back, and now the repair company will not repair it unless I pay the money. This phone cost £1000 in November and was in perfect condition. It just would not charge. This is stressful and somebody is not telling the truth

Thanks for getting back to us about this @Rowy1968. We're sorry you're still experiencing issues getting this sorted! Our Social Media team will be more than happy to look into your account to see if there's anything further we can do to support with this. Please reach out to the team here

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rowy1968 - it's not good to hear the experience you're having. An option would be to get a second opinion from the manufacturer. My team can liaise with our Repair team for you, so we can understand what's happening in more detail. Please message us through Social Media