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2g phones on vodafone network?

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I bought a basic 2G Doro phone and a PAYG Vodafone SIM for my aged mother-in-law. Having got the SIM registered on the network ever since it mostly goes to SOS calls only and only so often connects so that a phone call can be made. I called Doro who told me it's likely an issue with the fact it's a 2G phone and the area I'm using it in.  However it doesn't matter where in the country I use it (my mother-in-law) lives some way away) I still have these issues. Is Doro right? Do I need to get a 4G phone? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'll be grateful for any help.




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17: Community Champion

3G is being retired @acra24 but there shouldn't be any problems using the 2G network. although Vodafone recommend using a 4G smartphone.  See here 4G calling 

You can check the network here: Network Checker .

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No, it’s about 18 - 24m down the line. They are however preparing for the 3G switch off this month so there will be masts going down for maintenance and upgrades over the coming months.

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There's more to the whole 2G network thing than meets the eye. I used a 2G phone for two years, 2020 to 2022. I loved it, no internet connection to distract me but a great music player and a 3.5 mm headphone socket! Then, around August 2022, I stopped receiving 2FA codes for banking and similar services. I made many enquiries including being lucky to get in touch with an industry expert but no-one could explain why my 2G phone wasn't receiving 2FA codes any more. At first it was just one bank but, after around one month, I stopped getting any codes on it. I bought a 4G "dumbphone" when I was visiting my brother and, bingo, I was able to receive 2FA codes again. The point of my story is that no-one could explain my 2FA problem on a 2G phone and I'm guessing that's the same for your problem and although everyone tells you it should work, it doesn't. My suspicion is that our problems are related and have something to do with routeing, especially since most calls on 4G are routed via the IP connection and not the dedicated phone line data link. Interestingly, my 4G "dumbphone" features VoLTE technology which will hopefully keep it compliant for a few years at least. You should be able to get a simple 4G "dumbphone" for no more than £30.