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Other broadband queries

Gift Cloud £90 Amazon Voucher Scam

1: Seeker

I feel well and truly done over. Not out of pocket, but principle. After waiting the 3 months and tracking my progress thorugh out on the countdown for your voucher page. I'm now not eligible?! Gift CLoud contacted vodafone but can't give me a reason. These are such scams. As this was the only reason i joined Vodafone as the price could be matched elsewhere! Am i the only one whos experienced this where they've suddenyl decided you're not eligbile!?

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2: Seeker

H, you're not the only one.. I've got broadband on the comparison website.bought before 15.October 2021..waited 4 months to claim £125 giftcard..and now they blaming Vodafone won't confirm my contract..I've looked on my bills..Vodafone canceled my web contract..made new one behind my back..(and changed my home phone number) and now I'm Not eligible for giftcard because contract date??

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Community Manager

Firstly I'd just like to apologize that no-ones been in touch sooner @jamie4711 - thank you for also reaching out to us @charlieilok 

I can understand your frustration about this, sometimes a Home Broadband order can be cancelled for reasons outside of our control and then replaced, and I believe that some third parties sites consider this as voiding the offer. 

So we can look into it further for you both, please come and speak to my team on social media - we can also check what's happened with your landline number too @charlieilok 

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