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Wireless channel selection missing in expert mode?

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3: Seeker

I should say to splitting the SSID is only half the battle though. I’d still need to change the channels too. For some reason my 5ghz band always goes to some stupidly high channel nothing can see. Ideally I’d like it on 36 - 48

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12: Established

Here's the sang, 36-48 is what everyone can see and just about what everyone's hardware defaults to. If, like me, you go to one of the higher channels you can have a great time without any cross-over from the neighbours. Well unless for certain channels that your neighbour isn't an airport as some radar frequencies are/were in the same band.



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16: Advanced member

@essex_guy wrote:

Thanks, yes I am on the Pro Gigafast 900 Xtra Plan.

There is no option to split the bands in the app or the router web interface for me. I’d be grateful for any help.

Unfortunately they seem to have removed the option to split the bands on Pro as well as the option to select the channels. Possibly some limitation of the extenders.

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