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VOXI number ported out but not ported in

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Hi all,

I wanted to ported my number out of my Lebara contract to a Voxi contract, so I contacted Voxi on 11/1 to port my number using the PAC code. They initiated the request, and set the port to commence on 15/1. I then realised that my deal on Lebara was more useful because of roaming, so I asked Voxi to cancel the port on 11/1, and they informed me that the port is cancelled.

Today is 15/1, and my number got ported out of Lebara, thus de-provisioning my sim and cancelling my Lebara contract. But the number was not ported to Voxi. I contacted Voxi several times, and they informed me that I need to get a new PAC code from Lebara because the port was cancelled, so the number was not ported. Lebara told me that the number was ported to Vodafone, so the contract has been cancelled and sim de-provisioned, as the number is no longer in Lebara's system. They were even able to tell me where the number belonged, and they said it is part of Vodafone now.

I connect with Voxi CS again, and they keep telling me to go to Lebara to get my number back, even though Lebara informed me that the number was ported out to Vodafone. Voxi CS have been very unhelpful - they clearly didn't fully cancel the port, because the number got ported out of my old network (Lebara), but just not onto my Voxi SIM. Now the number doesn't belong anywhere and I don't know how I can get my phone number back.

Is anyone able to help, or give me ideas on what I can do to get my old number back?


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Nobody from Voxi social media support is helpful. It has been over two weeks and my number port still hasn't gone through. Why is this company so slow and incompetent? Why is nobody helping?