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Excessive data use

1: Seeker

I know there’s a few posts here regarding this but thought I would just start a new thread as it seems Vodafone are still charging EXTORTIONATE amounts for excessive data that wasn’t used. 


So from 1st November until the 7th I have been £125 for alleged excessive data use (over my 20gb allowance) . I’ve been a customer of Vodafone for 14 years and have ever gone over my data, not even near 20gb.  Customer service just say that their data calculations are accurate and I have to pay it but it’s not accurate. Firstly I was at home that week after surgery so I know I was connected to my WiFi, I rarely use my phone for anything bar calls and text as I have an iPad. WiFi assist is always off. My iPad contract hasn’t got excess charges so my WiFi at home was working fine. 

The bill after showed normal data use but Vodafone just won’t accept that they are wrong so now have cut off my phone because I’m just refusing to pay. 


Can anyone help? Thanks 


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1: Seeker

Just like to add that’s I didn’t receive any texts saying that I was going over my allowance 

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17: Community Champion

Many devices now have in built data monitors that can go some to help explain what's used what.

Vodafone can only state how much has been used but not what on.

Best practice is to self monitor using the myvodafone applications and account caps and bars.

That and some devices have in built bars that can be set.

Vodafone have been known to send communication to highlight usage but this cannot be relied upon I'm afraid.

Some devices can and will switch from wifi to mobile data if speeds or connections dips although u appreciate what your saying about wifi assist.

A good piece of advice is to go into the devices settings and turn Off Mobile Data when its not needed so theirs no accidental usage.

If your phone has been cut off then it's also a good idea to check your credit file to see if anything negative has been applied there.

I appreciate your not wanting to pay for usage you firmly believe you haven't used.

As you've exhausted customer services the Vodafone Social Media Teams here maybe able to clarify and assist further but if their systems are showing usage then I would think they'll want payment for this usage.

I wish you all the best with this situation.. 

Vodafone have a complaint process and a timeframe they give a resolution or answer.

Arbitration is considered after that timeframe and or if Vodafone give you a Deadlock Letter which is their statement that they are unable to help further.

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Samsung One Ui  / Pie.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @tlane82


The forum Team will get to the thread and investigate this for you.


The golden rule in any dispute is to pay the money and sort it out afterwards, if it is proved incorrect you will get it back to the account.  By withholding payment you are putting yourself in default of contract and in the wrong, this gives Vodafone every right to restrict your service and mark your credit file accordingly.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome from Vodafone, you will be entitled to take this further and ask the Communications Ombudsman to arbitrate on your behalf but the Ombudsman will not intervene when an an account is in default.  There is further information for you here:  How to make a complaint


I really hope this will be sorted for you there is nothing worse than bill shock.

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@tlane82 All data comes directly from the SIM, so although you think it hasn't been used, it's very accurate reporting. Is it possible that there could have been an update overnight to the phone software or apps on the device? 

If you'd like us to check this usage for your own piece of mind, of course we'd be happy to do so. In this case, please contact our team using the link in my private message.  

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