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How do I see which plans are accepted for vodafone advantage rewards

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Hello. I have a code to use for my vodafone advantage. I enter this in the promotion area but keep getting the message that the code cannot be used for discounted plans. I have tried several sim only plans. The plans are not discounted. So why is the code not working?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @nimishshah1414 - thanks for reaching out to us about the discount. This is strange to get this error message if the plan isn't discounted or on promotion. Please message my team on Social Media and include a screen shot of the plan you're trying to take this out on. 

Hi Gemma. I have sent this via facebook messenger now.

Thanks for letting us know @nimishshah1414 one of the team will look into this for you 

Steph - So you are aware - I am having issues with the vodafone team on messenger. The person I am dealing with is called Ankita. They cannot seem to validate me. This is strange as I have my account with Vodafone for more than 20 years.

Thanks for letting me know @nimishshah1414 I've asked a member of my team; Richie, to take over the conversation so we can get this all checked out for you. If you pop back over to the Facebook thread he will be able to continue the chat and see what is going on with the plans. 

Steph - So you are aware I am working with Richie and now Adam. The issue is still there and I have also tried other web browsers. I do not understand why they cannot apply the code I have and get this resolved now. Saves a lot of time from all involved here.

I appreciate that this situation is frustrating @nimishshah1414 Richie is not able to apply the code for you as you must do it at the point of sale online. Once he has run his checks, he will be able to look into escalating the issue to the Vodafone Advantage Team but they will want to make sure he has completed a series of checks before they intervene. 

I have now placed the order - [Removed] Richie now needs to take the code I have sent and he will apply this with the Vodafone Advantage team. This is a very long convoluted way of operating.

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I am asking them to confirm today if the disc is applied