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account login problem

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

when I enter my email and password, I was offered to send a code to my number, but now this list is empty. How to fix this ?IMG_0112.jpeg


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

It may just be a temporary problem and will correct itself later @Dian888 Try clearing cookies on the PC and try again.


If there are continued problems for account access drop the Social Team a message here: Contact Us 

I have this problem for 2 weeks now

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I still haven’t solved my problem, how can I contact a real online chat and not an assistant?

Hi @Dian888 Sorry you're still facing this trouble. If clearing your cache and cookies, or trying a different browser entirely isn't resolving things for you, please message us via our Social Media Team here. So we can take a closer look into your account. 

I have already written on Instagram and Facebook, they did not respond to me even once, I am generally surprised by such a disgusting service from Vodafone 

It's disappointing to hear that you've not received a response from our Social Media team on both Instagram and Facebook. I've searched both your email address and "Dian" with our Social Media team and I'm unable to locate a conversation.

If you could add your full name into your private user Community settings, I can then use this to find your social media messages. 

The problem with logging into the account or how vodafone employees have not been able to solve the problem for more than 6 months.

After buying a phone and switching to a monthly plan, I could not log into my account - I enter my username and password, but I do not see my phone number to receive a security code.

For 6 months, Vodafone uk employees cannot solve my problem. All they do is respond with templates:
- we will solve your problem in 24-72 hours
- my account is reset and after 48 hours I register again and get this problem again.
- We understand your point and the amount of hassle you have been through for all this, however please allow us last chance to get it resolved for you as we have raised it to our backend team they will surely get this resolved this time for you.

-I have tried everything I can do for resolving the issue but now it can only be resolved by the back office team

And so on forever!!!!!!
I wonder if vodafone uk employs schoolchildren or if there is no professional team at all? Who made the problem themselves and can't solve it!

I am outraged that they respond with prepared templates and do not even try to do something! And I wait every 48 hours. I have always chosen vodafone as the operator in each country because I thought vodafone was the best operator. But when I started using vodafone uk I was just shocked!

How can I solve my problem? or should I break the contract with Vodafone?

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hi,  @Dian888 sorry for butting in,  

did you get your issue resolved ?

I've not been able to access my account for since about 14th Nov and still can't access it today,  this is with help of Social Media Team involved.  when I try to log-in all I get is this error message, with no end in sight

Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 14.58.43.jpg

No my problem is not solved